Samesky Chocolates


Blues Hazelnut Chocolates
Blues Hazelnut

A bite of Samesky Blue Hazelnut will make you crave for more. Crafted deliciously with rich Choco filling and the blend of Hazelnut Flavoured Cream adds a distinct taste to it. The chocolate is the perfect treat for all and available in an attractive box and pouches pack.

Talent Hazelnut Chocolates

SameSky Hazelnut Blues will delight your mood with an intense feel of goodness in each bite. It is made from a combination of Hazelnut flavor with cream and choco filling. This chocolate will make an ideal treat for all and are available in 1 KG, and 1/2 KG pouches pack.

Blues Duo Chocolates
Blues Duo

Create a perfect moment of happiness with a desirable treat of chocolates filled with rich flavours. Samesky Blues Choco with Flavoured White Cream is balanced well to give an incredible feel of deliciousness.

Blues Choco

For any joyous occasions, chocolates are the perfect way to add sweetness to the moment of celebration. This pouches pack of SameSky Chocolates is available in a unique taste with a rich blend of choco and white cream.

Blues Strawberry Chocolates
Blues Strawberry

Get into the goodness of delicious Samesky Blues Strawberry Chocolates. Blend of Choco with Strawberry Flavoured Cream is the perfect treat for any day. The chocolate is available in an attractive box and pouch pack.

Blues Choco

Feel everything good and taste good with SameSky Blues Strawberry Chocolates. This strawberry flavored chocolate with rich cream filling will make an ideal treat choice for any occasion. It is available in 1 KG and 1/2 KG pouches.

Blues Orange Chocolates
Blues Orange

Delve in the intense and rich gratifying luscious Blues Choco. This chocolate crafted deliciously with rich Orange flavoured cream with Choco filling will make an utterly irresistible choice for the entire family.

Blues Choco
Blues Choco

Enriched with the deliciousness of chocolate flavoured cream, Blue Choco is a delightful selection for chocolate lovers. A bite of this chocolate will give you an intense feel of richly blended Choco and Cream. This mouth-watering chocolate is available in an attractive pack of box and pouch in 2 KG and 1 KG.